The artist Luca Parise works in different media, with an emphasis on the fields of sculpture, architecture, and entrepreneurship. Currently residing in Berlin, Germany, he is a solution leader at the innovative consultancy MESA Company. He engages in architecture with the group AVENTURA.

Luca was born in Paris, France, in 1991, and grew up in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. A graduate of FEA-USP (School of Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, and Actuarial Sciences at the University of São Paulo), his professional journey led him into the realm of entrepreneurship, where he built companies related to the art and architecture , such as Nail on Wall, Clube de Colecionadores, and OPCAC.

Luca has studied and collaborated with contemporary artists and thinkers, producing work that has received awards and been exhibited both individually and collectively in Brazil and abroad, in addition to publications.

Some recent projects that represent his research and plastic practice using tools from other disciplines include the Biblioteca Paulística, Sauna-Museu, Cozinha-Lagosta and Expedição São Paulo-Belém.

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